Art As Self-Empowerment; Self-Empowerment As Art

In case you’ve been wondering, I’ve been over here lately, creating a daily video that has now evolved into a series of 37 videos.

I’ve continued to play with my altered catalog art journals.

I made a couple more hearts:

IMG_4236 IMG_4238

I made a New Year Vision Board using a new technique — after my visualization, I kept my eyes closed, and tore pages out of a stack of magazines without looking. Once I had a stack of images, I opened my eyes and chose an image from every page that I had torn out. Here was the result:


I’ve enjoyed these impossibly gorgeous clear days on the coastside, by taking a tripod along on road trips and stopping to capture portraits in the perfect light.

I’ve been mind mapping. A lot. I’ve found it to be a very effective process for me to see my ideas and form new connections and “aha”s about my ideas, and to make decisions that become actions.

I’ve also been learning about a new system of tools that further reveal the connection between consciousness (thought, feelings, words, actions) and the physical world (the body, circumstances, relationships, experiences). I leave tomorrow for a week-long training where I will be studying the holography of our physical body as it is expressed in the tissues of the eye.


What I’m learning overall is that each time I make art, it is an act of self-empowerment. It is me taking a stand in trust of my own direct experience. It is a declaration of my sovereignty as a being. Therefore, any act of self-empowerment, any action which honors my sovereignty as a being, is also an act of art. I know these words have been interpreted in many ways throughout human history, but I know in my heart what I mean by “empowerment”, “sovereignty”, “honoring”, and “art”. I invite you to explore your own meanings of these words in your heart, and to bring these truths into the world in your own way.


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