Honoring myself, honoring my art

I’ve had a thing about hanging stuff on walls. Something about the permanence of it, or the ruining of a pristine blank wall, or something. But it’s never been quick or easy for me to drive a nail into a wall and hang anything up.

Well, now that I’m doing Open Studios, it’s time.

I started with my watercolors from the 50|50 show.

IMG_3957Not bad. Then I moved on to some of my more recent acrylics.

IMG_3956Then back to some more 50|50 pieces. I discovered there were stories within the fifty pieces that emerged only after I hung them in different groupings than were allowed in the seven-by-seven grid format of the original show. I am now considering selling 5-piece “story sets” and a triptych.

IMG_3959 IMG_3958I did more with the main wall today, and I noticed that in the process of taking the time to put up my work, I was also taking the time to honor myself. To give myself space on my own wall. And to experience my own work as an inspiration.

IMG_3962As if I needed another reason to value creative practice! But here’s one: by honoring your art, you honor yourself. By honoring yourself, you begin to know what it means to be honored by others. And that you don’t really “need” others to honor you. You already feel it, and you experience gratitude when that feeling is shared by another.



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