Time to harvest

Ah, the times they are a-changin’! Especially photo capture and storage. With more and more photos on three different devices, I spent this morning taking myself to school on how to get my iPhone and iPad talking to each other, and STILL haven’t figured out how to get photos from the new Photos app on my Mac to show up in a folder that allows me to import them into wordpress (or an email attachment, or anything other than staying there in the Photos app).

So here is a verbal summary of what I’ve done in the past few weeks, along with a link to my flickr album with all the pretty pictures. Sigh!

Fun with mulberry paper from Thailand and watercolor

Fun with altered catalog art journals

Fun with watercolor hearts and Fabriano notebooks


Fun with urban sketching

Fun with CSA farmers’ produce delivery


And miscellaneous daily art:

P.S. It took me the better part of an hour to figure this out and finally be able to create the galleries you see above. If you have some photos on iPad and some photos on iPhone that, for some reason (e.g., you weren’t connected to WiFi when you took them) didn’t sync to iCloud Photo Library, then you can create a shared album and add photos from each device to create a single album.

THEN, when your laptop syncs with that shared album, you may be wondering how to upload photos to a website like wordpress, or attach to an email. In the new Photos app, you can no longer drag and drop photos directly from Photos. Something about digital asset management standards, preserving the original file as a “digital negative” and giving you no direct access to the original file at any time. (What? Who made up this stuff?)

So there is one trick – after many, many fruitless and frustrating attempts to do otherwise). You can IMPORT the photos from the shared album, so they are now in your actual Photos library, not in the Cloud. Then you can select and Option-drag (press the Option key while dragging) and drop the files onto your desktop. Make a New Folder with the items you just dragged there. NOW you can upload them or work with them as if they were any other actual file on your computer.

Am I thrilled about how many steps this involves, and how much my brain hurts (and neck and shoulders, by the way) after doing this? No.

Do I see an increasing divide between “digital ways of thinking” and “actual ways of being” in the world? Yes. As more and more people dive deeper and deeper into the intricacies of online “presence”, file management, storage, and organization of all this information, I find myself more and more distant from their way of thinking. As do they, probably, find themselves more and more distant from my way of feeling and being.

Now, I am going on a bike ride.

You can see the Flickr album of all of the above here. I did this before I figured out the whole Option-drag thing.

And my Instagram feed is as active as ever. Please visit me there to see photos I post HAPPILY.


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