What’s Ridiculously Easy?

It is just occurring to me that making graphic recordings of meetings, phone calls, and other conversations is ridiculously easy for me. I enjoy it, it’s natural, and I have fun learning new ways and finding better ways to do it.

Recently I created two of these and shared them with the other attendees at the meetings.

First was a coaching call for coaches:

IMG_4115 IMG_4114Second was a board meeting:

IMG_4106The feedback from both brought a smile to my face. Someday maybe I’ll stop being so surprised that my way of listening, synthesizing and expressing is actually worth something. But for now, I’ll accept the surprise that something so natural for me (and EASY!) brings tremendous value to those around me. It is the seed for a whole new way of letting life unfold. From the place of ease.

Immediately after sharing the images above, I was asked to come up with another image for a fellow Board member…an illustration for a news announcement in the new year. I loved playing with these designs:

IMG_4124 IMG_4125And then it occurred to me that the way I’ve been running my coaching/healing/creativity business has been like opening a restaurant, stocking it with great ingredients and the best chef ever, and then not having any menus! Imagine what it’s like to be a customer walking into a restaurant like that, and being expected to order something! How would you know where to begin? Aha! So I made this sketch to remind me of the hilariousness of that:

IMG_4122Grace has brought me clients who have taught me what ingredients to put together for them. But I now see how I can create a more satisfying experience for all, just by seeing my business as a great restaurant in need of a menu.

Finally, this. Take time to contemplate.



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