All kinds of art…

It’s been awhile. Again. I’ve been over here doing videos, over here launching a new program for physicians, and out in the world, being my art.

I hosted a New Year New Vision Playshop, facilitating people in imagining their thriving lives in 2015, and then creating a collage to represent their vision in images:

I’ve been doing some of my own art-making too. Altered magazines, painting on paper and reusing a friend’s unwanted canvas!

My chickens have been creating too, enjoying their newly found freedom as free rangers!

And we created a new kind of event in our home, based on gathering the co-creative, co-empowered, collaborative energy in community. We will host this once a month, and we kicked it off with a small gathering in January. We were so engrossed, there were no pictures from the event itself, but I took the time to make a graphic capturing the highlights. We also played a tag team drawing game, and here are two of the results:


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