Altered magazine art journal this week

I decided some of my favorite pieces from Open Studios were my altered catalog art journals.

So I started another one this week. It’s fun to have out on the table, adding layers to as I walk by.

This week I’m working in an old issue of “Half Moon Bay” magazine, which is free at the grocery store in our town.

Something about the non-blank pages makes it easier to start. There’s always something on the existing page that inspires. If you want to try this at home, choose any magazine or catalog that comes in the mail. If the pages are thin, I gesso two (or more) pages together to create a work surface. Then I use either white, clear, or black gesso on the sections of each page I want to paint or write over. Sometimes I skip the gesso and just go directly on the page with paint, markers, Neocolor, collage…anything that feels playful and interesting!

Here are the pages after I gessoed the areas I wanted to cover:

And here are the pages as they look now:

I’m particularly fond of the front and back covers:

IMG_4058 IMG_4048


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