I discovered the blog/book Motivating Giraffe yesterday as a result of Penny Redshaw becoming a new follower on this blog. I *LOVE* giraffes (and chickens and cats and cows) and I am a life coach, so to discover an Australian woman had created this project just made me smile and sing (at the same time).

After I dumped the contents of my thought forms onto the page yesterday, I found inspiration (or it found me).

IMG_4798The sequence was (1) sketching the contents of my thoughts forms, (2) experiencing a huge moment of awe, involving a hawk and a baby chick, which activated feelings in me, but not the ones I “thought” I would have, (3) getting to coach, using art as a portal:

IMG_4805(4) feeling very grateful for the experience of coaching:


Inspired by @Motivating Giraffe!

(5) Coming back from my hike today, waking up to even more:

IMG_4811There is always more. As long as there is life fully loved, there is always more.



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