The Art of Being In Process

The past few months have been a time of rapid expansion and creative actions in several different realms. I turned my attention toward creating opportunities to show up and share my awakenings in different forms – classes, workshops, online offerings. In the meantime, my visual art has been done “on the side” as I process these new ways of working (really not “new” but old ways resurrected in new forms).

I completed the above altered magazine art journal and I love the variety, how it reflects the new consciousness I have been planting and cultivating within me.

Yesterday I did this spread in an altered REI catalog. I loved the image of a solitary woman in the vastness of nature, upholding her rituals and connection to the land. The phrase came to me:

“She carries the music of the people. And she walks alone.”

Also yesterday I presented a telephone class on “Allowing Change”. Increasingly I am using images to guide me as I present classes and experiences to others.

137_5042 On my hike yesterday I took notice of the changes in form that a eucalyptus tree goes through in its development. The young tree has completely differently shaped leaves than the adult tree. If you did not see the two growing side by side, you might not recognize they are the same tree. It struck me that in our own development, it’s possible that we also pass through phases that will someday be unrecognizable to a future form that we become. What if we accepted that about ourselves, and allowed changes to happen with a more welcoming attitude?

IMG_4782I continue my walk in the darkness, lighting my path as I go.

Wishing you joy in your own process unfolding!


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