Wandering Through The Days Between The Rains

It finally rained. The storm came. I wander back and forth in the rooms of my house. Writing, reading, video blogging, and making art. Feeding the cat. Sweeping the floor. Singing.

This weekend the sky was clear. Perfect for bike riding.

I thought of two dear friends, and made them a heart, inspired by ocean waves and Aloha energy:

IMG_4101Then tried to do it again, with a different inspiration – earth, trees, mother:

IMG_4103Practiced symbols for graphic recording:

IMG_4110Made some more color abstracts on my new Prana catalog art journal:

Lots of words are flowing through my voice these days. I am feeling the discomfort of being exposed, while also sensing the importance of my story as it rises to the surface, given space in which to breathe. My story doesn’t mind the uncertainty. It prefers having wings of flight. I’m breathing and staying and feeling with the watcher in me who still feels the fear of others’ gazes.

The days between the rain give me freedom to move and breathe and smile and feel the warmth of the sun.


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