A few BIG weeks…

I haven’t been posting here lately, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been making art!

I’ve had a few really big weeks which I can only describe as reuniting with branches of my family tree that I never knew I had.

I met my healing arts sisterhood at the Imagery International conference in Menlo Park. And since I brought my heart art cards, I was immediately asked to provide the cover art for next year’s conference poster! Yes, thank you!

And then I was on a plane to Boulder, Colorado, for the Success 3.0 Summit. W.O.W….!! This was a gathering of about 300 entrepreneurs, CEOs, activists, artists, spiritual leaders, musicians, dancers, coaches, healers, doctors, authors, and all-around amazing people sharing a common desire to rewrite the myth of success in our culture. To evolve our collective consciousness to a new definition of success, which was summarized in six words as “Wake up, grow up, show up“!

Success 1.0 was survival – kill or be killed. Success 2.0 was the accumulation of symbols of individual achievement, power, and status, including wealth, even at the expense of health, relationships, and emotional well-being.

We now recognize that we have the power to destroy ourselves and the planet. So it’s time to rewrite the “source code” of human consciousness and see ourselves as inextricably interconnected. Success 3.0 is the evolution of awareness that says we are each more than our separate self or ego. Each of us is also more than our true self or the oneness. We are each the irreducibly unique expression of the evolutionary impulse being lived by us, through us, and in us, never to be repeated again, and which never existed before, in all of time.

That means, it’s time to WAKE up to your true identity – that you are both one with all that is, and irreducibly unique in your expression of all that is. Waking up also means to do the work of getting to know the parts of yourself you have hidden from your own view. Some call this the shadow. Pema Chodron calls it “The Places That Scare You”. We all have avoidance strategies, painful places, aspects of our story we’d rather not have other people know. These are all essential to our wholeness and our unique self expressions, so in order to wake up fully, we need to include them.

GROW up by expanding your consciousness of the impact you have, the larger game you can play in the world. Are you willing to play this larger game?

SHOW up by owning your unique self, confessing your greatness as well as your vulnerabilities, and start adding your voice to the larger conversation.

Success 3.0 looks different for every single individual, yet if fulfilled authentically, the purpose of each individual serves the evolution of the whole.

We are all concentric circles, affecting everything and everyone with everything we do.

OK, enough of that for now. But there will be more.

Here’s a mind map that I made today, a first attempt at fitting all the major ideas from the 4-day conference on one page:

IMG_3952And my journal pages from Imagery International:

One of the sessions at Imagery International involved tracing our faces in a mirror, and seeing “who showed up”. I loved it! Now that I am home for awhile, I’m going to get some tracing paper, grab a sharpie, and start drawing on the mirrors!

More from my sketchbooks during these past few weeks:


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