Loving it ’til you know what it is…a continuing practice

I’ve written elsewhere about the practice of “loving it ’til you know what it is”, a useful improvisation game that invites us to trust the body and be willing to wait lovingly for form, awareness, and evolution to occur.

Today I really sank into that practice with my painting. I started with two blank canvases. The only smaller ones I have that are still blank right now.

I set a timer for 30 minutes, and alternated working between the two, to allow time for layers to dry. My challenge to myself was to paint over what I thought I was “in love with” from each layer, as a way to trust the becoming process more. I’ve noticed that one of my blocks is becoming too attached to a given layer, and then feeling afraid to “ruin it” by moving on. I have a few canvases lying around right now that are at the stage of “I don’t know what I can do next without letting go of something I love.”

What a metaphor for life.

Here are today’s works, in evolution. #1 (11″x14″ canvas board) – currently titled, “Desert Sky”:

#2 (12″x12″ stretched canvas) – at every stage, I loved it and didn’t want to let it go. I kept going, finding something to play with and an edge to push. Deep breath!


3 thoughts on “Loving it ’til you know what it is…a continuing practice

  1. Definitely a metaphor for life.

    It reminds me of a thing I read in a creative writing book. Basically, if you’re writing a poem, and you have one super-strong line, you have to get rid of that line. You can’t build a poem on one line.

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