The rain came today…


InkTense, Neocolor II, watercolor paint, oil pastels.

I wanted to express gratitude for the rain. These rain goddesses emerged after a lot of scribbling.

Interesting to observe how differently I feel when I’m not using my own materials and when I have full permission to be really messy.

These pieces – which I love – are from a free-form silent art and meditation night hosted by an artist friend in Half Moon Bay. I was completely immersed in No Thinking and just let the materials lead my body around. No thought just “Oh! That!” kind of wonder and curiosity.


Acrylic paint, tissue paper, map, thread, fabric, cupcake holder.


Acrylic paint, thread, sleeve from McCalls’ dress pattern, resistors, metal binding, fabric

Find a space to get messy and wild.

Today I put a plastic sheet on my floor because it’s wet outside (yay rain!). I feel like Jackson Pollock painting on the floor. I need a bigger sheet because I am splattering and stepping in paint with all my big gestures!



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