We’ve all forgotten the same things

Today’s 38-minute collage:

IMG_0065_2I have a small collection of 1963 Saturday Evening Post and Time magazines, picked up free from someone’s moving sale. I love the ads! And I haven’t even started reading the text of the articles yet.

This one had these words to say to me:

We’ve all forgotten the same things. First it was transistor radios and “Coke is it” and now we are tuning into Facebook feeds, online summits, and email subscriptions. More diversity of message so no one can really honestly claim “world’s greatest” status but also a demand for self-containment and discernment.

Noticing how my brain takes in so readily the “lessons” of others, even though they are merely sharing their discoveries that emerged from their own life experience. Not some sermon on the mount that is deemed to be The Right Way. I am very content to be making my own discoveries right now, enjoying the ease of not having to encapsulate or package them in a high-selling fashion, but rather being open and receptive to the arrival of whomever finds me.

Everything changed with the question, “What if?” and the statement, “I am more interested in what I don’t know than what I can do” (from artist Bob). I should also add, “I am more interested in what I can do than what Bob can do.”

Following my own curiosity and making my own discoveries is the lasting legacy I will leave.

IMG_0073_2Bob’s legacies today: a plastic covered table used as my palette, and experiments in using only four colors in a painting.

My own curiosity last night: could I paint the sunset in the way that I saw it?

11"x14" acrylic

11″x14″ acrylic


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