The 30-minute collage!

Inspired by this artist‘s process, I decided to see what a 6″x6″ collage in 30 minutes or less would feel like.

Here’s today’s:

6"x6" collage on paper

6″x6″ collage on paper

And here’s what she had to say to me, in an 8-minute writing afterwards:

I gaze through rose colored glasses at a world filled with apparent conflicts divisions lines hunger scarcity ancient cultures devoured. I wait and watch. I wonder how I can come to know what the birds know, how the sands of time have left these grains of rice in our bowls each morning, how the grief stricken lines of my face can be washed away by today’s incoming tide. The world holds answers revealed to me through these glasses. My floral pupils – irises in bloom – widening even as winter frost still settles around me. There is something pure in what comes quickly. I don’t look at the clock and yet I know it is ticking. The last piece falls into place just as the chime begins. Perfection. When I follow presence and let thoughts be, I merge with this wisdom and sanity. This face gives me hope for past and future to collide in one colossal spray of salt sand floral fragrance reverent timeless sea of beauty.

And breathe.


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