She is not afraid of fear anymore…

Ah. First today. Did a bike and hike first thing. It was all misty and mysterious in the eucalyptus grove. Some powerful images came to me when I got to the top, and they came with voices too.


She conquers the smoldering flames within

They rise and emerge through her spear – a weapon

she brandishes with ease.

Her heart is open, her body is strong.

She is rooted and poised for action.

Everything arises from the fire in her belly.


She discovers her light

her power her vision

her sovereignty over her own dominion

She is wise

coronation day in her own kingdom

Master to no one but her light

Serving all who catch her glow


When she enters a room

everyone feels welcome

to be themselves

To wonder out loud about

the truths hidden in side

To surrender into the body

To invite the experience

of interior worlds

The portal to other worlds

and to deeper layers of this world

is opened

She stands with arms and palms opn

Serenity in every cell

Space for every experience

to pass through

Ready to dance with any partner

Must have been The Energy Gardeners’ Club session I hosted yesterday under a clear blue sky, embraced by the long encircling arms of the harbor and punctuated by the diving pelicans. I realized I have an affinity for guiding visualizations that aren’t just about seeing, but about whole body participation — becoming what you see.

This came to me after yesterday’s deep visualization:


And later, this:IMG_3525

The paintings are just play, ways to spend time in my heart zone while waiting for the next right action to present itself.

Here are two from the past two days:


Land art


Morning at Miramar


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