Inspired by Poetry

Yesterday I learned that BKS Iyengar had died at age 94.

It inspired me to reread my dog-eared copy of his Light on Life. Seeing it through the new eyes of having journeyed through Breema bodywork and Thai massage, I am re-inspired by the wisdom of his poetic words. I also found myself reading lots of poetry in the last few days.

Especially these lines from Fleur Adcock’s “Weathering”:

But now that I am in love

with a place that doesn’t care

how I look and if I am happy,

happy is how I look and that’s all.

Inspired by rereading BKS Iyengar

Inspired by rereading BKS Iyengar

I also became captivated by this image from my imagination: a woman, standing in a river, arms outstretched, viewed from behind. She seems to say, “I am a vessel.” I sketched her a bunch of times, and then finally painted her yesterday and this morning:

IMG_3411I did a little warm-up scribbly landscape before adding the green this morning:

IMG_3412And I was SO happy to receive my square business cards from in time for the 50|50 opening TOMORROW night! All pieces are for sale and a portion of proceeds benefits the Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica. The show runs through September 28.




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