Recent Work

I’ve been scribbling and making a bit every day, even with the installation.

Here are a few recent acrylics:

And some SoulCollage cards:

Finally, I was so inspired by this ink and watercolor piece painted live during one of our performances in San Jose this weekend. Artist: David Mejia, MejiaArts

Artist: David Mejia

Artist: David Mejia


2 thoughts on “Recent Work

  1. Hello Lisa, I enjoy your art, and share SoulCollage® with you. I wonder if you’ve ever written about how you integrate the SoulCollage® process with your expression through myriad artistic media? Your Installation blog is wonderful and conveys the feeling of being there. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself through your art.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Sue! I haven’t written specifically about SoulCollage, but I think collage was my first artistic medium, back when I began making vision boards. I still love collage, although I have been painting more lately. Collage is very immediate for me, and my experiences with the format of SoulCollage have been very rich. If I have more thoughts on it, I will be sure to share them here!

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