More of today’s work

I was on a bit of a roll today.

After I finished the 14×18, I used an old piece of cardboard and taped down 4 pieces of 6″x6″ paper. Then I went at it. Peeled off the tape to reveal the separate compositions. Interesting.

Then I asked, “What is my prayer today?” And out came this:


Snail – 12″x14″

No idea why. But I don’t argue with what comes through me and the paint.

I then went to a heated city council meeting about a broken footbridge that has disrupted bike and pedestrian traffic on the coastal trail here in Half Moon Bay since April. It’s a big state-city political issue of funding and differing definitions of “urgency”. I sketched this as I watched the state park representative in ranger clothes present to the council:

IMG_3367And this was the leftover paint from today:




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