Ah, so close.


I need to buy a new printer cartridge, so I can print out my title list, artist bio, and artist statement. Then attach those to foam board (which needs to be cut to size).

But! I signed, dated, and numbered all 50 pieces, and packed them up in boxes ready for installation. The two that needed drilling have been drilled.

And I figured out how to work with tables in Pages for Mac (which is a PAIN!).

In the meantime, I finished and mailed off a piece of art for an “Art Tag” process I’m part of with Northern California Women’s Caucus for Art. The theme is “Junk”, and I decided to make a pile of junk mail out of…junk mail. You know all those annoying solicitations you get, asking you to “join” by donating or subscribing or becoming a member of something? Usually I just throw them into the recycling, but for this project, I got to really look at them, and ask what they could become if a viewer were asked to look more closely at them, interact with them in a slightly different form.

Here are some pieces from my first piece of “Junk”, titled, “Junk Mail Possibly Worth Reading”. I mailed it in an old envelope which I saturated with paint.


2 thoughts on “Completion

  1. Hello Lisa,

    I love all that you have done in completing your 5050 Artwork. how great you have found this in your life. As you may remember Kevin was an artist and that is where his career led him. Susan is very creative too. I hope your display of this in the artshow will bring you much happiness and a new road for you. You are very talented in so many ways. Take care and we always think of you fondly. Bye for now

    Helen Hughes

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