Day 50 of 50: And there they are…

I had to take a family portrait on Day 50.

The whole group on Day 50

The whole group on Day 50

There will be better photos of each one individually and the whole group when it’s installed on August 16th.

And each one will be for sale, with 30% of proceeds going to Sanchez Art Center.

Today I wanted to finish putting color on these last three paintings:

What’s left to do now:

  • Drill holes in 3 or 4 panels where the orientation of the pre-drilled hole was off
  • Sign and date each panel on the back
  • Photograph each panel individually in good lighting and high resolution
  • Spray fixative and UV protectant on all panels + dry
  • Finalize the names of each panel and make list for wall installation
  • Write artist statement/bio for wall installation
  • Make a book of this blog plus final shots of all art (on blurb)!
  • Invite friends to come see the show (email and postcards)
  • Put up flyers and posters around town
  • Install all 50 panels, list of panel names, and artist statement/bio on August 16
  • Attend the opening reception August 22
  • Do a gallery sitting on September 20
  • Start my next project (can’t wait…already have! For a hint, see below)

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