Day 44 of 50: The Company of Women

Despite feeling a little overwhelmed this morning by something I could not name — perhaps the impending task of COMPLETION on all the tiny details of my 50|50 work — I was uplifted by the company of women at lunch today.

Not just any women, but a special group of artists, healers, shiny goddesses who are on a growth path of finding the brightest parts of themselves to light the world. We talked, we laughed, we shared “juicy” stories from our lives, we celebrated the birthday of one very bright light in the group, who lifts us all with her way of seeing the light in others.

So after mounting the last of my finished watercolors…

Mounted watercolors from today

Mounted watercolors from today

…And priming the last two boards I have to start from scratch, I went to lunch. When I came home, I started this, which I call “The Company of Women”. Inspired by a  fairy-tale palette of mint green, gold, pink, pearl white…

The Company of Women

The Company of Women – in progress

The palette

The palette

The extra paint

The extra paint

And this felt SO good – to open my repurposed magazine art journal, which I haven’t touched in over a month, and to add to it:

Love of the earth = Love of ART

Love of the earth = Love of ART

Last night was a magical sunset with iridescent pink all over the surface of the still water, birds of all kinds gathering to feed, and the clouds exploding with pink and purple:



This collage from yesterday, called “A Place of Her Own”


My mind imagined a wandering life and what it might feel like

And these sketches from a moment captured on film with my cat:


Charcoal sketches

Thanks to the company of women, I am reminded of the little daily steps that add up to a life, the corners of our hearts where we have all nursed old wounds, the bright strong candlelight in the center of our being which we can always lift up and illuminate for others.


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