Days 39 & 40 of 50: Treating Myself Kindly

Oops. I forgot to post last night. I realized it after I had gotten into bed, and my decision was not to get up and post. That was an act of kindness towards myself….letting myself off the hook.

I had done some preps of boards yesterday, then got together with an artist/musician friend for one of our treasured sound-making sessions. Shopped at the farmers’ market. Made a delicious salad and dinner. Watched the end of a movie.

That was my gift to me yesterday.

Then today, I had a lot of energy and space for creating, and even had time to run an errand for the chickens, eat lunch (this is a jewel!), do yoga, and go on a bike-to-hike in the afternoon. I continue to be inspired by the giant sequoia trees and to dream about the illustrated story I will be writing about a girl and her violin.

Feeling good about a steady pace in the home stretch.

Now, I go to dinner. Yum.


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