Day 37 of 50: A Day to Appreciate

I spent Days 24 through 36 in the Sierra Nevada Mountains – Kings Canyon, Sequoia, and Yosemite National Parks. 12 days of camping, volunteering, and backpacking.

Inspired by so many elements…

…3,000 year old sequoia trees:

…vistas from peaks above 10,000 feet:

…climbing and walking and sleeping under the stars

…recognizing that 150 years ago, in 1864, when this country was in the midst of a Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln took time to sign the Yosemite Grant, the first ever law to set aside natural space for the enjoyment of the people…a piece of land thousands of miles from the White House and that he would never see in person

…as I sketched, feeling connected to the earliest artists who captured images of these places that would inspire others with the beauty and wonder of the earth’s majesty, and lead to the preservation of the land for generations to come.

Today I re-enter the world of virtual communication, inboxes, calendars, requests, and other manmade systems. I do it slowly, with awareness and appreciation for the life of this planet, and gratitude for my ability to walk gently on its surface.

And here is my work completed:


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