Addendum to Day 22 of 50: Trust

Yes, it took me until tonight to realize that I, too, can use my fingers to paint.


“Dream” – formerly “Untitled”. In progress. Acrylic mixed media.

Water Dragon

“Water Dragon” – in progress. Acrylic, cheesecloth.

Remember this?

Graffiti (soon to be Untitled)

Graffiti (soon to be Untitled)

I started fiddling with it late tonight – didn’t feel like going to bed yet. It became “Dream”.

I don’t think it’s done yet. All I can say is I trusted, explored, put a lot of paint down, then started rubbing it with my fingers, my whole hand. Immediately I wondered, “Why did it take me so long? Of course I love using my fingers!”

Small moment. Big step.


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