Day 21 of 50: Progress Meeting & Work from Today

There was a gathering for the 50|50 artists today at Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica.

A bright, clear day on the coastside.

I didn’t know what to expect, but I was surprised when I walked in and the room was quiet like a library, and one person was speaking, standing behind a long table with 6″x6″ pieces displayed all along it, with rows of chairs facing it like a classroom. Been a long time since I’ve walked into a room like that!

Nice to watch myself as I interacted with other artists and their art.

I always feel like my stuff looks “different”, in a slightly uncomfortable way. Kind of how I feel in society in general, which is what I am getting used to. I have a hunch that when I fully embrace that “slightly uncomfortable” different feeling, and really just go for it without trying at all to make it go away or feel more comfortable for anyone else but me, there will be big juice there. I am on my way, more and more each day.

Then I came home. Took a bike ride to the store, then stopped to sketch on my way back.

Immediately before I took this photo, a hawk swooped down directly in front of me, then a second later, flew off with a grey furry creature in its talons (a gopher or mouse?). My jaw dropped.


Sitting on a bench on my way home.


Sketch from this seat.


Looking through a fence on my way home.


Sketch from this position

And in other news…

It was a 4-egg day from the chickens, AND I discovered a double-yolked egg at breakfast.


I started painting my IKEA step stool for the kitchen:


Before – primed with clear gesso


Today’s layers of paint

My painting partner (sitting on my lap):

IMG_2811Next, preparing to leave for 12 days of camping in the Sierra Nevada.



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