Day 16 of 50: It was a dark and stormy night

Must be the earthquake in Alaska or something. I spent this morning outside, baking in the sun, sweating without a jacket on, hauling chicken manure and turning over one entire raised bed garden to start over. It was great to get in touch with the circle of life – how we feed the chickens, they give us eggs, they make poop, which becomes food for the garden, which in turn gives us vegetables, which become compost and food for the chickens, etc, etc.

Around noon, the weather suddenly changed. Clouds came in, the temperature dropped, the wind picked up. That’s sort of normal for our town, but not to this degree. And now, it’s raining.

This week I am grateful to have three “hosted” art-making opportunities. Tonight was the first – a silent art and meditation evening with my friend and artist Judy. I packed up my things and headed over.


Kitty likes to sit on my art supplies, whether they are on the floor or on a table.

Here’s what I made:

And finally, a wide-eyed observation from today. Just when you think you’ve seen a place and you know it, you revisit it with fresh eyes and see something unexpected. That’s what happened today in the eucalyptus grove. It was Fall in June! Red, orange, bright yellow adorned the forest like garlands or necklaces. I’d never seen these colors here before! I have more inspiration for eucalyptus-based art.


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