Day 15 of 50: The Art of Relaxing

At some point on Saturday, I let go. Of what I cannot name, but I felt the knotted tension in my body just dissolve. Actually I didn’t feel it dissolve. I just remember feeling the tension, and then disappearing into the music. Afterwards, the tension was gone.

Today I wrote this in my sketchbook as I woke up:


I dropped any notion of needing to do things a certain way (including how I start my day) and I just relaxed.

I sat and watched the process of my chickens laying eggs. (and realized that it was my meditation for the day)

I went and got myself breakfast, bought some feed for the chickens, and sat down to return some emails and calls from last week.

I talked on the phone with one of my former “bosses” at the venture capital firm in Cleveland. It’s been ten years I think. It was interesting and affirming to hear that he’s been following my journey and even looked at this blog!

I drove over the hill to have lunch with my partner RB. Something we used to do every day when we lived over there, and now is a rare and special treat. Fun!

Got my smog certification. Oil change. Car appointment scheduled. All the regular stuff that, for me, gets pushed to the bottom of the list. But today I just did them, with no thought of being anywhere other than there.

Drove back and just sat on the beach, as it had turned sunny between when I left and when I came home.

It was one of these kinds of sunsets:

I wanted to move my hand across the page but I really didn’t feel like getting too serious about the art today. So here’s what I did:

And that was enough for me.


5 thoughts on “Day 15 of 50: The Art of Relaxing

  1. Would you ever part with any of these works? I would love to contemplate the depth of your Attack on the Church piece every day, and I’m sure other people are curious about these great watercolors and mixed media, too.


    1. All of the pieces will be for sale during the exhibition.

      Once all the finished pieces have been posted, if there is one you are interested in, please contact me to discuss pre-sale possibilities.

      Thanks for asking!

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