Day 8 of 50: Today’s Work

In the spirit of acknowledging all things great and small, today I added some yellow paint to the eucalyptus bark:

Eucalyptus Walk (in progress): 6.16.14

Eucalyptus Walk (in progress): 6.16.14

And I practiced my art of Thai massage with a painter whose body was exquisitely sensitive and in some pain. I learned a lot about non-doing, and the healing power of small, slow, gentle movements in the container of full presence. I wondered if I was really doing anything, and she called it “the best massage I’ve ever had. And I’ve had a LOT of massages.”

So here’s my little reminder about that lesson from today:

The gift of today

The gift of today

Tomorrow I go on a personal retreat that I scheduled before I knew I was doing 50|50. I called it the “Get Stuff Done” retreat and planned to write the copy and choose the overall design of my new website for my healing arts practice.

Now I know I’ll be bringing some primed panels and art supplies too!


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